Softcat, the leading IT infrastructure provider, was named by Great Place to Work® as first overall on the UK’s Best Workplaces ranking in the large category (organisations with 500+ employees). A Great Place to Work

Founded in 1993, Softcat is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to the corporate and public sectors. Its core values and unique culture is defined by two things: outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service. The company believe the former drives the latter.

Softcat and EvoLearn have worked together for many years to build a valued and respected partnership. As Softcat expanded its business across the UK, EvoLearn has been privileged to play a part in the extraordinary journey.

In 2012 EvoLearn became involved in Softcat’s Solution Sales Academy (SSA), an integral part of Softcat’s commitment to ongoing training, development and career progression. At Softcat, employees truly come first and the commitment to world – class training is real.

Softcat in FY 2012 were 387 employees and revenues of £304M but now are over 1,000 employees with £672m revenue. EvoLearn has supported Softcat on their growth path with training and developing their people.

Today EvoLearn has delivered to more than 27 groups through the SSA totalling over 200 participants in various sales and pre-sales roles.

About SSA

Since its inception, the Academy’s direction has been consistent. The aim of the Academy has been to develop the individual’s potential and hence maximise the contribution to Softcat’s business and its customers’ success.

The Academy invites employees with over 2 years’ experience working at Softcat with a demonstrated track record in building customer relationships and generating sales. With selection to the SSA, the intent is to nurture internal career progression and at the same time deliver retention of knowledge, skill, and talent for Softcat and its customers for the long term.
The EvoLearn value of enabling growth and development for the customer is shared with Softcat. This shared vision underpins EvoLearn’s delivery of the Academy curriculum :-

  • Approach customers in a more confident and strategic manner. Lead by specialist ICT Consultant, Trainer and Coach Clare O’Shea (, communication and presentation skills and other personal effectiveness training is coached;
  • Enable a consultative approach to building trust with the customer. EvoLearn’s Co-founder, Antti Hemminki shares his White Board models in a unique and creative way to develop understanding of customer buying behaviour, influencing decision – makers, and business context with IT as a solution and business driver;
  • Apply vendor services, solutions and technical fundamentals;
  • Put theory into practice for each phase of the sales cycle. Participants are facilitated to apply Academy content to real sales cases. This support is extended outside of the Academy with regular on-site informal 1-2-1 meetings with the coaches.

Benefits Delivered

Clare O’Shea and EvoLearn has received excellent feedback on every occasion with each group that has gone through the Academy.

Clare and EvoLearn have delivered a respected Academy curriculum for Softcat that has enhanced the Softcat sales capability through a consultative approach, and re-inforced the Softcat belief that customers buy from people they trust. The benefits delivered by the Academy so far are:-

  • Increase in average deal size
  • Improvement in win: loss ratio
  • Employee retention is on average consistently improving
  • Graduate recruitment continues to achieve 100% of target with minimal attrition

Future Plans

Still going strong, Softcat continues to invest in its employees through the Solution Sales Academy, building an enviable reputation as a great place to work.

EvoLearn is working with Softcat to support continuous learning in specialist technology areas, extending the Academy curriculum with the introduction of elective modules.